Way of the Kensei Guide

I’m going to share my experience with an amazing and Way of the Kensei Guide fun class in Blade and Soul. I’ll start out by explaining the basics of the kensei, followed by what’s involved in a typical game for me. I’ll also give you some tips on how to improve your chances as a new player!

Way of the Kensei Guide

What is the Way of the Kensei?

The Kensei is the brawler class of Blade and Soul. They’re one of the tankier classes, and they make up for their lack of mobility with speed (think warrior) and CC abilities. While they do have some good skills that scale off attack power, it’s often better to go along with your team by choosing more.

Why should I follow the way of the Kensei?

The Kensei is a fun class. They’re one of the quickest and most mobile classes in the game – you’ll be able to dive into groups and control mobs well. The class itself isn’t particularly complex, so it’s quite easy to pick up if you’re new to MMOs.

How do I start on my journey to become a kensei?

Your first step on the path of kensei-dom is to hit level 45, and then you’re ready to make your way over to one of their two locations: Teyoung (or Turtle Village) for White Tiger, or Kaia Peak (up a snowy mountain) for Black Tortoise.

The first step in becoming a kensei is training your body and mind

At the dojang . By doing this, you’ll learn new skills and perfect your old ones. The higher level of your dojang will grant you better rewards as well!

The second step is to prepare for battle with items scavenged from around the world (and more purchasable at shops). In between battles.

Start by finding an exercise routine to Way of the Kensei Guide that you enjoy, then make sure you maintain it. Next you should.

When you’ve got a good habit down, it’s time to add in some variety!

Every so often I’ll go out on an adventure or challenge some of the dungeons for extra rewards and new items. What about combat? While the kensei excels in group play, they can also do well solo if played

Next, learn how to meditate for at least 10 minutes every day

Not only will you get more benefits for your meditation, but you’ll also gain the strength of a tiger… or tortoise. Bonus: Get double experience from meditating!

Ah, yes. The big question on everyone’s mind: what are my goals as a kensei? Well, obviously that depends on your preferences and playstyle.

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The Way of the Kensei is a traditional Japanese philosophy that teaches us how to live in peace and harmony with our surroundings. If you want to learn more about this way, or if you’re ready to start on your journey as a kensei, follow these 6 steps: find an exercise routine and stick with it; train your body and mind by following the exercises outlined for beginners in Kendo Sensei’s book “The Way of the Samurai”; meditate daily; focus on improving one thing at a time instead of trying to change everything all at once; ask yourself “what can I do today?” before making any decisions or setting goals – then take action based on what comes up when you answer that question.

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