Sentinels 5e for roleplayers In 2022 | You Must Like It

Sentinels 5e for roleplayers In 2022 | You Must Like It
Sentinels 5e for roleplayers In 2022 | You Must Like It | No Experience Needed | D&D 5E

I had so had so high hopes for Sentinels 5e, the 5th book of the Sentinels series, with Chris Perkins and Chris Wrafter doing some phenomenal work. Unfortunately, it’s looking like I’m going to have to take a break from my Sentinel 5 campaigns for a while, as both the guys (who did great work on the previous books) have announced that they’ve left the company.

As this is a roleplaying campaign, I’ll try to give everything away that can be shared about the setting.

This will probably go without saying, but I’m not a canon-watcher for D&D. I’d have to say that I’m closer to 5e than I am to 3e. That said, if you have an affinity for canon in any way, then that’s awesome and you should definitely come play a Sentinel.

For everyone else, I’m the kind of player that likes to read the rules ahead of time (I’m not averse to just going with the flow as some players are, but it’s never been something I did before), so I’d really appreciate it if you can read over the book before you come.

Also, since I’ve been putting so much time into this, it’s probably worth telling you a little bit about the setting to prevent confusion on the fly to people visiting from other campaigns where the setting is a secret. It doesn’t look like I’ll be publishing some detailed descriptions about the setting for now (or maybe not ever), but I’ll likely have some ideas to share about the background of the setting.

The setting

The setting takes place shortly after the conclusion of 5th Edition. The world is not entirely stable – some countries, cities, and factions within them have fallen into complete chaos.

The human-dominated world has been divided up into several smaller city-states, which have fallen into chaos one after another. However, one of these city-states has managed to take charge, and it has been steadily expanding northward and conquering neighboring city-states, and the entire continent of Oceania.

Oceania is a land-mass of roughly 1,000 miles in a north-south direction and roughly 800 miles across in an east-west direction. It has three large nations (England [the kingdom] on the North, Russia [the steppe empire] on the East, and France [the empire] on the West), which have fallen to the new Oceania leader.

While this has happened on the human side, the cities surrounding Oceania have generally held a different status. Most of the cities have fallen to chaos and are now populated by the remnants of the once-powerful human cities that once inhabited them.

The land is very much divided into city-states and kingdoms. There’s no overarching structure or organization of the world; it’s not like the World’s on the Edge of Destruction trope (with humans and their cities, but not the rest of the world), and while there are many city-states, each is ruled by some sort of emperor or empress – or as the name (given in English) might suggest, “prince,” “duke,” or “emir.”

Some city-states have come together to form an alliance, calling themselves the Sentinels, to defend against Oceania’s expansion.

You might call the city that has taken over Oceania the United States of Oceania, but this is just a way for the people of the city and their allies to refer to it. They are one of the many separate city-states.

The city of Oceania itself is a massive conurbation of skyscrapers and concrete, with a population of 10,000,000 (although nobody really knows how many people are within it because so many people live in the surrounding suburbs)

The empire itself is a sprawling and modern urban environment, with the majority of human resources being devoted towards military technologies and industry. There are cities for every human necessity that they could possibly need; agriculture, food production, medicine, technology…

Most of the other cities are smaller, much less important places that are not the seat of absolute rule.

The city of St. Petersburg is an industrial complex in the central section of European Russia. It has one of the leading scientific communities in the world, and is the home and base of the Russian military.

The city of Paris is in the center of France. It’s the nation’s capital, the seat of the government, and one of the most populous and influential cities in the world.

The city of Athens is the capital

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