MindKoo Unicat

The MindKoo Unicat is a new product that was born from the idea of a cat with an extended tail. It’s not just for cats, but humans as well! With this toy you can be your own cat and play with yourself. The best part? You’ll never need to buy litter again!

MindKoo Unicat

The MindKoo Unicat is a new product that has been designed to help people with mental health issues or stress.

First, you’ll want to take off your clothes and place them on the ground. Next, open up the package of MindKoo Unicat! Last, but not least… slowly roll it out into a straight line. After that is done, just close your eyes and put it around yourself like a giant condom or big cat

“Mmmm, that’s the spot,” I say to myself as my cat nuzzles my neck.

“Awww you love me! She purrs excitedly before collapsing on top of me and promptly falling asleep. It reminds me of how good it feels to meditate; especially when someone else is giving you all their lovin’ attention! That’s what this toy does too – it’s so cute! You can plug this little guy right into your phone charger for an hour or two at night and he’ll play some relaxing sounds for you like raindrops, birds chirping, ocean waves lapping against the shoreline…yummmmmm!

Tyler was having a rough morning.

His alarm had malfunctioned and he woke up late, missed breakfast, and almost ran out of gas on the way to work. He parked his car in an empty spot close to the office building where he worked, so as not to waste any more time or money than he already had.

He walked into the building and headed for his cube at Mind Koo before taking the elevator up to see what projects were going on that needed Tyler’s attention today. Upon arriving at Mind Koo, Tyler was greeted by Abigail who made him a cup of coffee with just how much sugar he liked in it- something she knew because she remembered when they first met five years ago.

Sale of this product will go towards funding animal shelters across North America.

The MindKoo Unicat is already doing good in the world, and it’s not even out on the shelves yet!

Awwwww…I didn’t know you were my cat!!!

Using a self-titled company called “CMUD” or, “Cat Mates United Domestically”, we have designed and created

I was on my way to work when I saw the sign. My mind immediately went into a frenzy as I contemplated how much money this would save me.

There’s no point in renting anymore! The entire day, I watched the directions change and go from one place to another until finally, it stopped at “Info MindKoo Unicat Today!” Excitedly, I stepped inside…

In conclusion, the MindKoo Unicat is an innovative way to help those who are suffering from mental health issues and promote pet adoption at the same time! The best part is that this toy is completely safe for humans, unlike other “cat” products. I believe you deserve a break, and so does your cat! Get the MindKoo Unicat now on Amazon!

DISCLAIMER: This product has not been FDA approved for human consumption or physical contact with any member of the feline family


If you are suffering from mental health issues, the MindKoo Unicat is an innovative way to help. This cat toy was designed by two entrepreneurs and created with a focus on meditation and relaxation. The sale of this product will go towards funding animal shelters across North America so that more cats in need can have homes. Today, you can purchase your own Mind Koo Unicat!

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