FosPower Kids Headphones

Do you have a child who’s always on the go? Tired of them not being able to enjoy their favorite FosPower Kids Headphones music, podcasts or videos because they can’t hear it well enough in noisy places?

Introducing FosPower Kids Headphones. These headphones are perfect for children from ages 3-12 years old and come with volume limiting features!

They’re also great if your little one has difficulty hearing! The sound is clear and crisp so your kids will love these headphones as much as you do.

FosPower Kids Headphones

FosPower Kids Headphones are made with children in mind, so they’re durable and comfortable

These headphones are also built to last. They can withstand the wear and tear from your active child!

FosPower’s Kids Headphones feature:

Volume-limiting circuitry to protect children’s hearing (recommended by Pediatricians) Durable, flexible construction with non-slip grip for long lasting comfort Earpiece speakers in

They’re designed to be smaller than adult headphones for kids’ heads and ears

FosPower’s Kids Headphones are also compatible with most mobile devices including: iPOD, MP3 Players, Laptops, CD & DVD players. These headphones work great for home and car use!

You can have confidence in the quality of your purchase since FosPower Kids Headphones are backed by a

The headband can be adjusted to accommodate any head size

They also have an adjustable clip to fit children of all ages. However, they are best suited for kids between the ages of 3-12 years old.

The ear muffs are made from a soft material and can be rotated to allow for better fitting. The cable is 1.2 meters or 4 feet long so you don’t have to

These headphones have a built-in volume limiter that won’t let your child blast their ears with sound. They also have a standard headphone jack that is compatible with most mobile devices, computers and CD players.

The volume limiter does NOT require batteries to function since it’s built-in!

FosPower Kids Headphones are available in 4 different colors so your child can choose their favorite: Blue/Black/Red Apple M

FosPower’s patented noise cancelling technology blocks out background sound, making it easier for kids to focus on what they want to hear. It also reduces noise pollution to protect your child’s hearing.

These headphones are a great way for kids to enjoy their favorite music, movies or videos without disturbing others

They can be used at home, in the car or on a plane! Kids will love being able to control the volume themselves since they’ll know when it’s safe to turn

The ear pads are soft and cushiony so the headphones feel nice and comfy on little ears. These headphones are also adjustable so they will grow with your child! Your family will love using these the FosPower Kids Headphones and you’ll love how great they sound.

Headphone Buying Guide:

Safe Listening Tips: The maximum volume setting should be less than 60 percent of the device’s full capacity. Children should not listen.

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FosPower Kids Headphones are made with children in mind and, as a result, they’re durable, comfortable, adjustable to any size head and come with built-in volume control.

They also have patented noise cancelling technology that blocks out background sound so kids can focus on what they want to hear.

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