The D&d 3.5 Sorcerer Handbook In 2021 | You Must Like It

D&d 3.5 Sorcerer Handbook

The D&d 3.5 Sorcerer Handbook is the latest version of this fantasy role-playing game’s player handbook, which provides all rules for players to use in their campaign. It includes new character options, spells, magic items, artifacts, and monsters that can use in any D&d 3.5 Sorcerer Handbook game or campaigns. The book also features advice … Read more

Sentinels 5e for roleplayers In 2021 | You Must Like It

Sentinels 5e

Sentinels 5e is a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons independent game. It’s the first roleplaying game to use an original system designed for D&D players. The RPG uses simple rules that are quick to learn, but offer just enough complexity for veteran players. This Kickstarter seeks funding for the production of Sentinel’s initial release, which … Read more

Enhance Ability 5E Spell

Enhance Ability 5E

The Enhance Ability 5E Spell has many benefits. First, the spell can be cast on any creature to improve its capability in a certain area. For example, if you wanted to make your friend better at dodging attacks, you would use the spell on them and they will get an increase in Dexterity for 1 … Read more

Zone Of Truth Spell 5E

Zone Of Truth Spell 5E

Mages and warlocks can explore the abilities of a new spell in Dungeons and Dragons. The Zone of Truth Spell 5E is an 8th level spell that forces anyone within its radius to tell the truth about what they know or any subject that is asked by the caster. This article will discuss how this … Read more

Crown of Madness 5E Spell

Crown of Madness 5E

The Crown of Madness 5e is a spell that forces the creature to make a Wisdom saving throw. If they fail, they are stunned for 1 minute and then controlled by the caster. The control lasts until the end of their next turn or if they take damage from another source. This spell has been … Read more

Scorching Ray 5E Spell

Scorching Ray 5E

Mages and wizards who want to cast the Scorching Ray 5E Spell can do so without fear of harming themselves. Scorching Ray is a level one spell in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition that shoots out five rays of fire, each dealing 1d4 points of damage. The caster chooses when to use this spell, but … Read more

D&D Character Sheet (TRPG RESOURCES)

D&D Character Sheet

It can be really difficult to figure out how to create a D&D Character Sheet. There are so many different stats, abilities, and spells that it’s hard to know where to start! What should you focus on? Should you pick your race first or what class do you want? This blog post will help answer … Read more

Elemental Evil Player’s Companion In D&D

Elemental Evil Player's Companion

The Elemental Evil Player’s Companion is a must-have guide for players of the D&D game. This supplement provides new character options for those looking to explore the world of Chult, an exotic locale in southern Faerûn. It also gives players access to new spells and feats to battle against elemental creatures or utilize their power. … Read more

DnD Official Character Sheet

DnD Character Sheet

Have you ever wanted to create your own DnD character Sheet for Dungeons and Dragons? Have you finally decided that it is time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard)? This post will help guide you through the process of creating a D&D character. It will cover each step of the process, so … Read more

Volo’s Guide To Monsters (D&D supplement)

Volo's Guide To Monsters

This post is about the D&D supplement, Volo’s Guide to Monsters. This book was released in 2016 and has a list of over 100 monsters that are found in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. The book is written by Mike Mearls and James Wyatt who have been working on D&D for decades. They collaborate with … Read more