best wrestling books

best wrestling books
best wrestling books of all time

Wrestling is often stereotyped as a manly sport played by rugged individuals in small gymnasiums. But over the span of its history, we’ve seen wrestlers gain respectability and prominence.

The list below are some of the great sports books about the sport of wrestling; and, yes, there are a few that cover other sports, so if you’re looking a sport book about MMA or a book about pro football, check back in a week or two.

Wrestling is often stereotyped as a manly sport played by rugged individuals in small gymnasiums. But over the span of its history, we’ve seen wrestlers gain respectability and prominence.

From the first great wrestler of them all, Hercules, to the first Olympian, the Greeks, to the first professional pro athlete who became the world’s first sports hero of a major country, Jesse Owens, the history of wrestling is an amazing one. Whether you’re looking for a book with great stories or just a good story to read, this list is a great one.

So gather some tissues and get ready for a journey through history with The Illustrated History of Wrestling.

Wrestling: A View from the Mat is a book that explores the history of men’s wrestling in Europe. It details its history from early manly games to the modern day Olympic Games and World Wrestling Championships.

It also includes sections on the most famous legends of the sport. Such as a discussion on Czibor, the first Olympic athlete to hold the Gold medal in both Greco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling. It also includes analysis of what went wrong when the Games was held in the Coliseum, as well as where the modern day athletes stand up to the ancient.

But the history of wrestling also goes further, examining how it contributed to the development of modern life and athletics.

Featuring contributions from such legendary wrestlers as Georg Hackenschmidt, Otto Kuhn, Hans Neuhausen and more, it’s a fascinating look at one of sports history.

The Art of Wrestling by Dave Roston tells the gripping tale of the rise and fall of one of professional wrestling’s most colorful figures.

Hawk Man was not only the manager for one of the most successful wrestling careers in American history. He also was a charismatic and powerful orator who gave motivational speeches at the matches.

His success made him a popular and beloved figure in the wrestling community. He went so far as to organize a union to promote the promotion of the sport and his own show.

But in time the business he supported began to decline and soon after he was murdered, his good fortune came to an end.

Written in such a way that even a non-wrestling fan will be enthralled, The Art of Wrestling is a story that will go down in history as a great American wrestler became a real life Batman.

Wrestling at the Olympics : The International Olympic Commission, the IOC, and its athletes from 1890 to the present is a history of the history of Olympic Wrestling.

It first traces the origin of wrestling and later the origins and development of the modern Olympic games.

It then examines the controversies that plagued the sport at the games but which also helped shape it even today. It even looks back at the early days when wrestlers took the stage and played “musical games,” as the Greeks did, or when the Romans used the art of wrestling to settle political differences.

The book traces the development of the Olympic Games through the modern day and discusses its future as an Olympic sport.

An interesting discussion about the sport we all love, it’s an informative read for everyone.

You’d think that The Life in Wrestling of Lou Thesz would be a book full of great stories, but it’s actually more of a memoir, written by one of the greats himself.

Though the author’s life in wrestling begins before he was five years old, he had an outstanding career, as he went on to represent the USA in four Olympics and, at an age when wrestlers are thinking about retirement, he turned pro to become the first professional wrestling star.

He also created his own promotion which produced some of the greatest wrestling stories of all time.

The author talks about his time in various promotions, including the NWA, AWA, WWWF and WWF, all while discussing his thoughts on growing up in America, his father, his wrestling and his life.

A must for anybody interested in the sport, it’s a fascinating read for anyone who’s ever been interested in the business of wrestling and the business of sports in general.

Hulk Hogan: Life Inside the Ropes may not be a true wrestling book but it’s still an interesting read for anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to live in the business.

Most wrestling fans know who Hulk Hogan is but they might not know what his