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Picking Your Wedding Venue to Get Married

This time of year is incredibly busy for wedding planning but is definitely a time of stress as well. It can be difficult to pick wedding venues and deciding where your guest bookings, ceremony, reception and other details are taking place can be stressful! You don’t have to worry anymore! That is where this post comes in…

Planning your wedding will be one of the most expensive investments you’ll make in your life. I’ve spent years now planning my wedding with friends and have picked venues that have turned out great. You’re about to learn how to pick the perfect Venue that will make your wedding the memory to cherish for a lifetime. So, without further ado, I’ll take you on the ride of your lifetime and help you pick the perfect wedding Venue to get married.

#How to Find the Perfect Venue?

Picking a Wedding Venue to get married can be confusing! There are a lot of different locations to choose from, prices, options, and amenities. It should be a lot easier than it typically seems. Check out some key things to consider below.

The Location, Location, Location

Before you ever go into a wedding location to view the venue you need to know this. You want to get married somewhere that will make it easy for you and will make you happy. The ceremony area is most important to get married in, the reception is next. They also work as the wedding reception venue.

Your ceremony is right after the ceremony area and is usually the wedding photos location. It’s best to get married as close to the wedding photos location as possible. For most of my friends that get married it’s near where their bridesmaids and groomsmen have their portraits done as well.

Next up is the reception area which is usually by the pool or the dance floor. This area will allow you do celebrate and have a great time with your family and friends. Most of the time the food at this area is also the best food. There are plenty of vendors or waiters in these areas helping out with the food at this time of the day.

This area is normally where the majority of the guests will be having their party. I feel that it’s best to get married here when the sun sets so everybody has enough time to enjoy the party. Plus, this area is also easier to set up and take down compared to having the reception area in the other areas of the venue.

The Reception Area

Next up is the reception. The wedding reception venue you choose should be able to fit for the amount of people, the area for the reception, and the atmosphere.

When thinking of locations keep in mind what kind of reception you’re thinking of. If you’re thinking of a formal reception, have your wedding in a stately place such as a mansion, vineyard, or castle. If you’re thinking of a casual, rustic, or country atmosphere, choose a barn, a beautiful home, a historic location.

Location is important to the ambiance of the wedding and reception. If you’re going for a casual, rustic wedding and reception then I’d recommend a barn, estate home, or even a beautiful beach. If you’re in need of a place to celebrate with your family and friends in a large atmosphere, you should probably choose either a big banquet center or large wedding venue.

One of my most favorite receptions was at the “Lighthouse Beach Club” on the beaches of Atlantic City, New Jersey. I even got married on the “Boardwalk!” You don’t need to have a very big or formal wedding to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Just because it was a beautiful place and a great day.

If you’re going for a formal event you can look into places such an historic place, mansion, or church. Most of my friends choose a church because it feels more reverent and gives the feeling of a special day.

Formal Wedding Reception

There are two main options in these types of weddings. You can either have a sit down meal with the traditional dinner, toast, and cake or a buffet spread. I like to choose a nice sit and get dinner. The reason is that it gives the opportunity to talk to your guests in between courses. This is especially true for my husband and me, we are both Italian so it can be hard to eat fast with the traditional dinner!

The second choice is a buffet reception or buffet spread. You can have a small wedding reception or a big wedding with the buffet spread. Here is an example of what a wedding with a buffet spread looks like:

Casual, Rustic or Country Wedding Reception

There are a lot of