best skate tool

best skate tool
best skate tool

The most common question I get about the XS is – “What’s your opinion on this skate tool?”

Since I’m an ambassador for the brand and frequently speak or write about the brand, of course I have an opinion about a skate tool – whether it’s a skateboard tool, longboard tool or anything (in fact, the only non-longboard tool I’ve ever used was an old skate shop tool)! I’m glad to say I’m using the XS at the moment and have had my eye on one for a little while now as the perfect tool for a novice and for anyone looking to get into riding a skateboard.

It’s super easy to use, it holds a reasonable amount of spare parts and tools (a very good combination) and it gets the job done and takes a long time to break! No other XS board fits this description more perfectly than the XS Mini Cruiser (which you can get from our online shop here and more here).

In terms of price it feels pretty good value for money and it’s what I’d consider a ‘proper starter’ skateboard tool which would likely last a good 12-18 months with a bit of regular maintenance. However, being a skateboarder I’ve also found it to be the exact tool I could never quite justify the cost of as it just didn’t feel or do anything that my existing equipment wouldn’t allow me to perform and it wasn’t worth upgrading to a premium and more serious tool just for a tool that would sit unused for half of the season!

How do I like it so far?

It feels very simple to use. No fiddly grips or features that you don’t need. If it’s a tool you need to ride and it works, you don’t need any bells or whistles! If you’re a seasoned skater with experience of buying the tools you need and a skateboard and skate brand that you trust it makes sense to get something higher end but I’ll talk about that in more detail below.

For most situations where you’ll be taking the skateboard out to the park or on the streets – and any other situations that don’t require you to get the perfect grind! – the XS will do