best sandbox toys

best sandbox toys
best sandbox toys

Do you still enjoy those innocent little clay toys that made our childhood fun? Or perhaps you have grown out of them?

No matter your age, the all-encompassing nature of sand allows our kids to have fun with them all their lives. That means you’ll find them playing in sandboxes, in mud puddles, in kiddie pools, and in the sprinkler system when it’s time to water the garden.

Whether you’re just starting out with sand or trying to create a new sandbox for old ones, these fun and functional sand toys are perfect to keep kids busy and entertained.

The first toy in this collection is a bucket, but not just any kind! If your kid wants to dig, explore, and uncover the secrets deep within this sandbox toy, they’ll need to be a little more cautious than they otherwise might.

Instead, we recommend that you buy this sandbox bucket in a brightly colored material that still allows the light to shine through.

The sandbox bucket has a few features that makes this toy especially great for kids 5 years and up. It has a hollow center that is easy to fill with sand, and also a lid that doubles as a shovel to help children keep track of the precious sandbox treasure.

If you’d like to take your sandbox experience to new heights, we’d also suggest a sandbox bucket with a floating lid.

This floating lid is similar to that on a kiddie pool. It comes with two lids and can be attached to a smaller sandbox bucket.

The floating lid serves as a sandbox’s lid to keep it secure while kids are playing. It comes in two pieces, so all you need to do is attach the floating lid and fill it up with sand, just like you would a regular sandbox.

Even though these sand toys take on a lot of uses, the Floating Lid Sand Box can also work at home as an indoor sandbox. Just fill the Floating Lid Sand Box with water, and kids will have a fun time exploring the floating lid.

The Floating Lid Sand Box is an essential addition to any sandbox, kid-friendly bathroom, or backyard.

3. Bucky & Tug Sandbox

If you’re looking for a basic and inexpensive sand playtime toy, look no further than this Bucky & Tug Sandbox. This sandbox toy sets up a great space for your kids to dig and build, and the best part is that it’s made to last.

Bucky & Tug sandboxes are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. They’re the perfect choice for little kids looking for a cheap sandbox to grow into as they advance into toddlers and older.

You can’t go wrong with these, but our favorites include the Bucky & Tug Sandbox that can be personalized with a custom name and number of your child’s choice.

One of the best features of these sandboxes is that the sandbox pan is removable and dishwasher safe. This helps them be a lot more durable than they otherwise would be.

5. Fisher-Price Sand Box

What better way to make your kid’s sandbox even more fun than by adding toys and activities? Fisher-Price makes that possible with this Fisher-Price Sand Box.

This sandbox toy offers a simple yet creative way to get your kids dirty and explore. It’s not just for playing at the beach though.

The Fisher-Price Sand Box lets them dig and explore in any environment. Not only will your kids find fun, but they will get an education, too. They’ll find out the difference between sea sand and river sand, and explore the composition of rocks and minerals throughout the sand.

Because of the fun nature of this sandbox toy, it’s always best to have supervision. However, that’s not to say that this sandbox is unsafe or unsuitable for little ones. It’s just that you should be diligent whenever playing around with these kinds of toys.

6. Water Sandbox

This versatile sandbox is the perfect partner for any sandbox. You can use this sandbox as both a water sandbox and a sand sandbox. So, no matter how cold the weather is, the Water Sandbox is the right choice as a sandbox toy for indoor and outdoor use.

The Water Sandbox is available in many different configurations. Choose from either a one, two, or three compartment setting for your water play.

With three compartments, your kids will have plenty of room for a water experience that’s as fun as an outdoor experience. It’ll be easy for them to dump, refill, and play in the three compartments with this sandbox toy.

7. Bucky & Tug Dig-a-Dirt Sandbox

Another way that we can bring our kid’s sandbox play to new heights is through creativity. The Bucky & Tug Dig-a-Dirt Sandbox is a unique

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