best sandbox toys

best sandbox toys
best sandbox toys for preschoolers”

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There are few things better than the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies. Add some cute kiddo to the mix and those cookies can quickly turn into some of the cutest toys we have seen! As long as you’re careful to not give your kids access to very sharp knives, a cookie decorating set can be a fun little activity in the sandbox.

When we looked for the best sandbox toys for preschoolers, we found a variety of fun items that would make any sandbox feel like the sweetest of sandboxes. These things will make perfect treats for any small children in your life. If you are looking for a great set to build sand castles in the sandbox, we found just that! Here are a few of the best toy sets available.

The best sandbox toys for preschoolers – top 10

1. Kool-Aid Cottage

A great little set for your children’s sandpit, this sandbox set includes a plastic cottage with kool-aid pouring spouts, 2 kool-aid mixing cups, and a measuring cup for pouring the kool-aids. A small, plastic bucket is built right into the base of the cottage so you can easily store a large amount of sand. You also get a measuring cup you can fill with water and use to help keep your sandbox clean.

The kool-aid box and the measuring cup are both made of shatterproof plastic, while the mixing cups are made of flexible plastic so you don’t have to worry about them breaking too easily. This is a great size that fits easily in most sandboxes. There are three kool-aid spouts as well as a plastic measuring cup measuring 32 oz. If you have a small child, this is an especially great set.

2. Dora’s Diner Play Set

A great play set for kids, this Dora play set includes 7 pieces. You’ll start with a plastic table and wooden chairs from the set, then assemble more pieces to create a little diner that will fit through the dining room table base.

There are two different diners, one will set up for a two-person game while the other will fit for four-person games. Also included is the play kitchen with a refrigerator and a two-person sink with a hand held faucet and a removable plug insert. The oven is a little long but it looks great on the outside when the unit is placed on the table. You’ll also get two storage baskets and a two-person dish rack for your table.

The set also comes with a kitchen sink, a two-person sink, and 2-person measuring cup. The items are all made of durable plastic so your kids shouldn’t have too many worries when it comes to making sandbox creations or just playing around the sandbox.

3. Chlorine-Free Splash Station

A great set for younger kids who simply want to splash around in the water with their toys, the chlorine-free swim play set is a great option. As with the Dora set, this one also comes with the plastic table, chairs and the two-person plastic sink. You’ll also get a plastic sink faucet and a one-person plug insert, so your kids can rinse off toys after they play. They can even use this as a sandbox. The size is perfect for sandbox games, but if you are looking for a larger, more kid-safe set, look no further than this one.

The faucet features a removable plug so this is a great option for toddlers too. This allows them to have a little more freedom in the sandbox. The faucet can also be turned on and off from the outside, an excellent detail for toddlers.

4. Little Mermaid Play Set

If you have a daughter who loves to play pretend, then you can get her a set that is perfect fit for any little mermaid’s heart. The Little Mermaid play set includes all four pieces for the set. The small sand pail sits at the the bottom for sand games or for building sand castles with, as a sand rake sits inside. You get the sand pail, the sandbox itself, and a small plastic brush to mix the sand.

The sand bucket also comes with a lid that can be used alone if you need to keep a small amount of sand in there, as well as a small spool of sand. The sandbox is made of a plastic resin that is very durable and is completely waterproof.

A little more difficult to assemble, but we think there is extra appeal in putting those little pieces together so she can play in the sand later on!

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