best sandbox toys

best sandbox toys
best sandbox toys for kids I have ever had around. All of them are so adorable and I want to keep them forever to show them to the kids too :] I am still searching for the perfect present for my kids at the same time as I need to treat myself to something cool 😛 If my present find can’t be a car then I’ll do it! Let the hunt begin!

I have a couple extra things I’d love to share:
First, I’m very excited (just found out!) that I’ll also be sharing things with my new readers:

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The other book I reviewed was the adorable new picture board book ‘Cake’ by Jennifer V. Cole. It is a book designed with the little people in mind and with cute animals and other characters to help get preschoolers interested in reading and to help children learn the sounds and shapes of words. The pictures are the thing that makes this book stand out in the category.

There are 20 different pictures in the book and I reviewed the story after every picture. This book is a book you can’t put down. Each of the 20 pictures focuses on a different food and introduces one to two letter sounds or letter/shape combinations. There are also some songs you sing each time you come across the text. Not every picture is a different food so children will learn some of the sounds of letters and some words even at that young age. There are even songs with each page as they go through the book and there are some animal and other characters that are introduced along the way that children will love.

Each picture, while simple, is bright and colorful. The pictures are larger then in other picture books to help with fine motor skills. Cole is a fantastic author who will keep you turning the pages of this fun book.

I have reviewed two of Jennifer V. Cole’s new picture books, ‘Cake’ and ‘Dough’. I highly recommend them for parents who want to engage their children in reading and for children that are ready to read. Jennifer V. Cole is now launching a line of children’s books on Amazon in which she writes some of her own funny, animal stories and they are easy on the eyes, just the right age for these books.

I’ve reviewed 2 of Jennifer V. Cole’s new picture books and I thought I’d share each book with you. I’m excited to give my two cents on each of these two books. These books are great in that they appeal to preschoolers. I’m an excellent mom when it comes to early reading. These books are easy for my three year old to read and they are great in that they can be enjoyed by even young preschoolers!

Jennifer V. Cole wrote ‘Cake’ on October 26, 2012. Although the book comes in black or white, I chose to review it in the black and white version. The pictures are perfect and will appeal to a young elementary child. There are twenty different pictures. There is no rhyme or reason to the order of the page. I believe it is great to share the same picture several times throughout the book to reinforce each new word the child learns because it doesn’t reinforce just one. ‘Cake’ is written at an easy 4th grade level which is where I believe most parents should be starting with their children. These types of books are great in that they help the child learn to read. Each page has a different, simple picture and some of these pictures will get the child in the correct letter shape or sound when the text is read. Each page is a different word. ‘Cake’ is a fun to read book. I suggest checking this book out for yourself. ‘Cake’ is Jennifer V. Cole’s first picture book. I would suggest checking out her other picture books as well. In ‘Dough’, there are 20 pages of 20 very unique pictures of food, animals, a house and other various things. Both books feature rhyming text and beautiful, vibrant pictures. Jennifer V. Cole’s ‘Cake’ by Jennifer V. Cole is priced at $10.00. You can purchase ‘Dough’here on Amazon for $11.99 and Jennifer V. Cole’s other picture books here on Amazon.

I started reading ‘Dough’ in the middle of April. I chose it to start with to see how kids reacted to a rhyming book. So far so good. My three year old loves to read this book. He can’t wait to share it with my

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