Best Races for the Kensei Monk

The Kensei Monk is a melee DPS class that has some of the Best Races for the Kensei Monk solo damage potential in the game. This makes them great for all sorts of PvE activities, but what races are most suited to this demanding playstyle? We’ll take a look at each race’s abilities and bonuses so you can find out which one will give your monk the edge they need to succeed!

This blog post will include: – The Pros and Cons of Each Race – A breakdown of each Race’s Abilities – A list of their Bonuses

Best Races for the Kensei Monk

The Race of the Grandmasters

Normally, what players choose for their first character; offers a set of bonuses that will greatly increase your offensive potential. However, these bonuses can also potentially make you a great tank if you decide to keep the same race slot on your future characters.

The second and third slots are all about which sort of role you want to play: Do

The Great Huntress

The Lady of Life  – Do you want to play one of the most popular roles in end-game PvE, Offtank?  – Or would you rather focus on your Solo PvP potential at the cost of some tanking capability? The choice is yours!

Here are a few facts about races that may help you:

Run for Your Life!

Making the correct choice of race isn’t just about what you want to play, but also how well you are going to do it!

#1. Humans

Humans have some great bonuses, especially if you intend to solo a lot and are looking for an advantage against monsters that can counter physical damage. The increased crit chance and hit points

Tengu’s Feathers Race

Increases Accuracy, Evasion, Spell Hit by 13 – Decreases Melee Damage by 12

are great for any class that uses a high volume of spells. However, it’s their increased Attack Speed and extra crit chance on melee hits that really set them apart from the pack! These bonuses are perfect for a Monk looking to do some heavy

Kensei Challenge!

damage in PvP or PvE. I’d recommend this race if you’re a fan of stunning monsters in Halatali and want to make those locks even more painful!

#2. Miqo’te

The unique bonuses offered by the Miqo’te make them well-suited for anyone who wants to play a

Unnamed race in Tiandu City, China

tank or an at-range magic DPS. Their Attack Damage increase means that they’ll be able to pack a bigger punch with

Bismarck’s Fang Race  – Increases Attack Damage by 10 – Decreases Max HP by 10

their melee attacks and their increased spell hit can make them a very effective ranged character! That said

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We have come to the end of our list, and hope you enjoyed learning about some of the most popular running races around the world. We encourage you to take a look at your own city or town for local events that might interest you- there’s bound to be something! If not, we highly recommend entering one (or all) of these incredible international runs on our list. Which event would you like to try?

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