best plasma pen

best plasma pen
best plasma pen

You are looking for a really high end plasma pen with a great selection of colors and high grade nibs. We are here for you! Our new line of Erolux high quality pens is truly the best there is! The nibs are made with Japanese ceramic and is extremely smooth and sharp. It writes from left to right and top to bottom. The colors you will find are so bright and true to life. We also carry tons of cool colors. We carry the best selection of plasmas anywhere, and there won’t be any other pen better than Erolux, especially in regards to writing tools. We also carry fountain pens and an assortment of other fine writing instruments as well. Visit the store to see the huge stock we have! We have the newest fountain pens and high end markers with an amazing selection of colors. As always, if you can’t find the pen you want, contact us and we will help you. Our stock is constantly changing so be sure to take a look at us regularly.

What is a plasma pen

A plasma pen is an electricty powered stylus pen. The body of a pen can become a writing device by adding a special section that creates friction once drawn across a special screen. The plasma pen is powered by electricity and is therefore quite safe. However, sometimes the pen will break, or not work at all. But when it is working and working well, then this writing instrument is a real treasure.

What are the benefits of a plasma pen

This new pen has an extraordinary range of features and benefits:

A range of colors

The body of the pen contains a special section that enables the pen to work like a screen. The pen contains a special LCD panel that can work alone or with the pen. When the pencil is not used, as for example when in the kitchen, for example, the screen can be activated by pushing the button on the screen. It may then be used to easily work with tablets, computers and smart phones.

The pen is ideal for creative writing and sketching.

High writing quality

The body of the pen contains the special LCD screen and nib. The nib is also made of ceramic and is extremely soft and sharp. The writing quality of this type of pen is very good. The ink is quite bright and the best quality ink.

The pen is suitable for artistic work and creative writing.

Low cost

This type of pen costs very little, which makes it ideal for creative work at all levels. Anyone can use this pen and will experience the advantages.

The pen is suitable even for children.

Low power consumption

The pen runs just as slowly as the pencil and it is possible to write for a long time.

The pen is suitable for children.

The pen is very suitable for drawing

Plasma pens are very suitable for drawing. The pen is much more economical than a paintbrush, brush pen, pencil or paint roller. Simply hold the pen like a pencil and draw in the desired way.

In any case, the plasma pen is certainly a good option for creative professionals. It makes the ideal marker or paintbrush pen.

Plasma color pens

A plasma pen is generally quite expensive. Usually the pens consist of the stylus nib and the body of the pen is made of a sturdy plastic. When there is a special screen embedded into the pen, then this costs considerably extra. However, plasma pens are quite expensive pens. Sometimes you can find very cheap plasmas on websites like eBay. This is a very good investment if you really have the need for a plasma pen. We guarantee that the pen you receive from us is the best pen of its kind you can find. We will replace or repair the pen as soon as it stops working or begins to break. Because we ship the pens to the buyer in great care and with lots of care and attention, you will be well protected against possible damages.

A good plasma pen usually costs from 70 $ to 150 $. This is an investment you can keep for many years. We guarantee that we have the best selection of plasma pens anywhere and you can be confident that you will find a beautiful work pen in our huge range of plasmas. You can also find plenty of plasma color pens here on our website so that you can choose the best pen color for any project.

A great selection of high end plasmas from the best pens brands in the world

Plasma pen brands

This is an exclusive article. When you order a plasma pen for the first time it is not always easy to decide which brand you should choose. But most of the best plasma pens are made by brands of great honor, such as:

Erolux is a really good brand for high end pens. But you will first want to consider the color. For example, you will see very different shades of blue in