best plasma pen

best plasma pen
best plasma pen

Best plasma pens

The world of pens is undergoing a transformation. Most of those who know anything about pens already own a fountain pen or two. But that, at least according to traditional thinking, is not enough. While there are certainly some perfectly competent fountain pens out there – and I’m one of them – the best writing instruments have gone from being made from ivory and fine exotic woods, to being crafted out of some pretty interesting non-metallic and non-glass alternatives.

Many people have written about the subject, some of which is quite good, while others have done absolutely nothing other than repeat other people’s thoughts and opinions. At the same time we are in the digital age, where a huge amount of information can be accessed very easily, we can find quite interesting articles on the subject.

The best pens of the world – let us find out what is the best pen in the world according to the experts.

At first, I was looking into these questions: what pens are the highest quality worldwide? Which were the best selling of all time? And which were the most expensive?

In many pens, this is the typical question that comes up: Is the pen worth it?

As I’ve mentioned, at first, I was looking into these questions: what was the highest quality pens worldwide?

The way the experts define “quality” obviously varies; some experts are willing to pay good money for a good instrument, while others don’t mind a cheap version of those great classics.

Then came to the second aspect: best-selling, best-selling instruments. It seems that the fountain pens are very popular all over the world, but for a particular reason – the price. Many of the so-called best pens are of course not expensive at all. These could be the so-called budget fountain pens or of the cheapest pens of the world, they certainly would be inexpensive.

That’s why I went looking for the best-selling pens of all time, which should also come in to a lot of money. So far, I don’t have the exact data, but according to Wikipedia we should know the prices of some of the best-selling pens of all time. For example, The Waterman fountain pens are one of the most expensive pens that I’ve seen; they are priced from around 450 dollars upwards of 1400 dollars.

According to the experts, the best-selling of all time should be The Waterman Fountain pens. Although there are no official data, I have no doubt on the fact that these are the most sold pens of all time. A fact that comes from the fact that you just have nowhere to look!

This is a review about the best-selling pens of the world – the best. I’ll keep on digging until I find the full list of the world’s best-selling pens, but you’ll have a taste of it’s content over here.

The best for you

When I first started asking around what the best pens are, I thought that I was going to find the exact answer I was looking for. I certainly didn’t expect to find so much different types and brands, and that’s why I was a bit confused.

And when you know that many different writers have their own opinions on which pen is the best – which, in some cases, are completely contradictory – it makes the search for the best pens more interesting than most!

But just to make it easy for you: the best writing instrument can vary from person to person. That is why we have come with the most interesting fountain pens of the world.

Let’s have a look at them, one by one, and if you’d like to read their individual reviews, then they are listed further down the page.

The best and most expensive fountain pens

If you’re a fan of luxury, or you want to take up collecting fine fountain pens, then this is the fountain pen for you. It comes in gold with a price of $3,000 in North America, but you can see from the picture above that it’s actually around $7000.

This is quite pricey, but it’s a very special, very rare fountain pen. Waterman fountain pen, made by Waterman, is one of the most expensive luxury fountain pens in the world.

This is the only pen that comes in gold – I don’t think there are any other pen that comes only in gold.

It’s a great pleasure to own the very first fountain pen that comes entirely in gold. This pen was created by Waterman, and it’s an elegant example of luxury at such a high price tag.

This pen comes with a price tag of $1,900-2

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