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While I’m on the subject, I would like to share a bit of knowledge regarding your cat and its health.

One day I came home to my kitchen floor covered with saliva in a pool. Since the cat was in the same area I couldn’t find any liquid on the carpet but the saliva was there in the form of a sticky substance. It looked like dried mucus from a cat.

Later I found out the reason of that sticky mucus- the cat had been drinking ketchup. The cat thought it was “delicious” so she kept it as a secret for a few minutes.

If your cat likes ketchup, have no fear.
If your cat likes water that’s a better thing.
Your cat’s body uses water as a solvent.

Water is needed for many of the metabolic processes of the body. One of these is the production of saliva, which helps keep the mouth moist. The mucus in the mouth is usually saliva, but if it’s not produced in a healthy amount it can harden and become a thick consistency. The cat also drinks a lot of water on a daily basis so you better not miss it. A cat that’s not drinking water is very sick. If you start getting water in the eyes, it means the dehydration is very high.

Water is a great solvent and it’s also a