Best Kodi Boxes Reviews in August 2021

If you are looking for the Best Kodi Boxes Reviews in August 2021, this article should help. We will discuss how to pick a device that suits your needs and budget while also giving some of our favorite models.

Best Kodi Boxes Reviews in 2021

Best Kodi Boxes Reviews

1. NVIDIA Shield TV

The NVIDIA Shield TV is a really powerful device capable of doing lots of things. You can install Kodi on it and use it as your main media center if you are interested, but at the same time, you can also use it for other tasks thanks to its features.

The NVIDIA Shield TV has plenty of storage space (16 GBs), expandable via USB, so you can store even more music or videos there if needed. The device supports all multimedia files from different formats, including some massive 4K video content in H 265 or HEVC format developed for better compression and less data transmission between the network and the client devices.

If you are looking for an alternative Android-based media streamer that is perfectly capable of running Kodi, the NVIDIA Shield TV should be your first choice by far.

With its quad-core processor and 2 GBs of RAM memory integrated into it, you can assure yourself that this device won’t let you down when it comes to performance. It plays 1080p videos pretty well, even those with 1 or 2 Mbps Bitrate.

The 4K videos are a bigger challenge for the CPU, but most people don’t use 4K streams mostly because they are still not available on any streaming site or network service. The only way to get them is to rip a Blu-Ray directly from the disc (not recommended) or download some torrent file hosting such as Kick-Ass Torrent.

What are Kodi boxes?

Kodi is actually an open-source streaming software, free for all to use. It was originally made to play videos from the Internet, but it has evolved so much over time that it is now capable of doing so many things that you can call it a true media center! The current version of Kodi (v18 Leia) displays smooth content in 4K and HD resolutions (although this depends on your internet connection speed). You can install third-party add-ons onto it and download them for free from various websites. There are also multiple versions of Kodi: Windows


Android / iOS via Apple TV or iPhone/iPad apps

Linux via Raspberry Pi and Android TV. On top there’s even a YouTube application available . Another name often used for Kodi is the “Unofficial XBMC” . Installing Kodi on your device let’s you: Connect to all kinds of sources for online content

Watch movies and TV shows from a variety of sites

Listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks locally or stream them from the Internet (Netflix, Spotify etc.)

If you are looking to install third-party addons onto it and download stuff from unknown websites, it is very important that you protect your identity when doing this. We strongly recommend using a VPN service if you plan on getting some free copyrighted material over the internet. A good VPN will hide your IP address so that copyright holders won’t be able to catch up with you. TunnelBear, FlyVPN , NORD VPN , IPVanish and StrongVPN are some of the best choices out there.

Kodi is an ever-rising software application that has yet to reach its full potential. Thanks to its versatility, availability for almost any platform, versatile nature and constant updates from its developers, it can be considered one of the best media center applications available today. With Kodi you will never have trouble finding online content: videos in different resolutions (including 4K Ultra HD), music or podcasts.

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What to look for in a good Kodi box?

Kodi boxes or Android TV Boxes are miniature PCs that allow you to watch streaming content and play games using an Android interface. They’re not much different from a regular desktop PC, except for the fact that their operating system is Android (instead of Windows). This means that they come with built-in support for applications such as Netflix and YouTube. In this article, we will discuss which factors make up a good Kodi box (or any other media player) and what are the best models on the market.

How Does A Kodi Box Work?

A Kodi box streams contents from online data servers to your TV set. These contents include movies, tv shows, music videos, music albums , podcasts and more . It should be noted that Kodi is not the only software application that you can use to stream online content onto your TV. There are many other alternatives such as Plex and Emby . The main difference between these applications and Kodi is that Kodi doesn’t have a media server of its own. Instead, it uses addons – small programs written by third-party developers which connect to the internet in order to stream contents from various web-based data servers. These addons do not come with your Android Box: they must be downloaded separately from various websites (such as reddit). Some great examples for popular Kodi addons include Exodus , Covenant , and Pheonix

Android TV Boxes Under $50

There are multiple websites on the Internet offering pre-packed Android boxes that come with a remote control and an HDMI cable . Although these boxes are great for newbies, they can be very expensive and you will probably not get the most out of them. For instance, you won’t be able to add any Kodi addons since it is not included in the pre-installed software. If you want to install Kodi on your Android device, you should definitely avoid buying one of those cheap Android TV box deals because they usually don’t work or can be extremely unstable.

If a cheap box offers too little for its price point, an expensive model can eventually become too much as well. This means that the less you pay for an Android TV Box, the more features it will have! With this said,

Best Kodi boxes reviews of August 2021

The following list contains the best Kodi boxes for sale in August 2021. Just keep one thing in mind: you won’t be able to watch 4K Ultra HD content with these devices. That’s because all of them are equipped with a HD interface.

1. Amazon Fire TV Cube Review 9/10 Rating Pros + All-in-one device

+ Great voice remote control

Cons – A bit expensive (for an Android box) Overview The Amazon Fire TV Cube is a great media center solution for any home theater setup. It comes with an Alexa voice remote, which allows you to easily navigate between menus, launch apps and even change your TV channels! If you own an Alexa speaker or an Amazon Echo , controlling your media player will feel as natural as saying a command out loud. Note: You don’t need to be an Amazon Prime member in order to purchase this product. However, if you’re a subscriber, you will get access to certain streaming services that otherwise would cost extra money (such as HBO and ESPN). Pros & Cons Of The Cube

All-in-one device : As opposed to most other Kodi boxes on the market, the Fire TV Cube has it all. It comes with its own voice remote control and can act as a media player by itself. No additional hardware is required for it to function properly – just plug it into your HDTV set and enjoy!

Free entertainment library : If you are subscribed to an Amazon Prime account (which costs $119 per year at the time of writing), you will have access to free movies, shows and music. This means that Amazon Prime members can now cut their cable TV subscription fees!

Alexa voice control : You can launch any Kodi addon by saying its name out loud (for example you could say “Launch NBC” or “Launch HBO Now”). The Cube’s Alexa voice assistant is extremely responsive and intuitive, which makes it very easy to use it. After a couple of hours using this device, I found myself controlling my media player with simple voice commands (instead of going through menus).

Update: Another advantage of owning an Alexa-enabled media box is that you can add your own Amazon Fire TV skills . For instance, if you have a Sonos speaker, you can now control your music player by saying simple voice commands.

Fire Best Kodi Boxes Reviews The Amazon Fire TV Cube is a smart media center that takes away the complexity of using Kodi and watching live TV. It is affordable for most people (costing $119), while still being packed with great features such as Alexa integration, four HDMI ports and Ethernet connection. Note: This device was launched in 2018 and should not be confused with the older model Amazon Fire TV . 2. Nvidia Shield Pro X1 Review 8/10 Rating Pros + Offers 4K Ultra HD support (4x more pixels than Full HD!)

+ Comes with an internal storage drive

Cons – Video game controller included Overview The Nvidia Shield Pro X1 has been praised by numerous customers who have stated that it is the best 4KBest Kodi Boxes Reviews. The device comes with an Nvidia Shield Pro controller and packs enough processing power to play high-end Android games . It also offers support for the Amazon Prime Video service, which means you can launch its app by voice command if you own an Alexa speaker. Pros & Cons Of The Shield Pro X1

Offers 4K Ultra HD support : This Android TV Box supports 60 frames per second output and has been praised by users for its smooth playback (in comparison to most other boxes). Because of this, watching movies on a large screen will feel almost as natural as going to the theater!

Internal storage drive : If you prefer having your media files locally (as opposed to streaming them from a storage drive), you will be pleased to know that the Shield Pro X1 has an internal SSD drive of 8GB (which means it can store up to 1,000 movies or TV shows).

Nvidia games : This media center is perfect for Best Kodi Boxes Reviews users who enjoy playing video games. It offers easy access to the Google Play Store with its own game controller and is powerful enough to run any Android game at 4K resolution.

To sum things up, the Nvidia Shield Pro X1 is a great device if you want an affordable 4K box that lets you play high-end video games as well as watch latest movies in their native resolution . 3. Amazon Fire TV Stick Review 8/10 Rating Pros + Decent hardware for its price

+ Comes with a voice remote control and Alexa support

Cons – No 4K Ultra HD or HDR10 Support Overview The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the best value for money device on this list. It offers full 1080p resolution (but not 4K support), comes with an optional Alexa voice remote and supports both Google Play Store and Amazon Prime Video. Its main downside is that it doesn’t have a large storage capacity (just 8GB) which means you will need to stream all your content from a NAS or external storage drive. Pros & Cons Of The Fire TV Stick

Decent hardware : Although the processor included in the Fire TV Stick isn’t as powerful as what we have seen in the Nvidia Shield Pro, it is still powerful enough to play most games and watch 1080p movies smoothly. Voice remote : The best thing about this Kodi box is that it comes with a voice remote (which means you can control your media player by saying simple commands).

Direct video streaming support : If you don’t have any NAS or external storage drive, the Fire TV Stick lets you directly stream videos from Amazon Video services (instead of downloading them on your device). This is reassuring if you are worried about running out of space quickly.

Comparison table of the Best Kodi Boxes Reviews

When it comes to Android TV boxes for Kodi, there are really two main considerations: the device’s hardware and your selection of streaming services.

This article will be updated regularly to keep track of the latest additions in this market (updated on 8/21/2018). Amazon Fire TV Cube – 9/10 Rating Pros + Comes with built-in Alexa assistant

+ Easy setup process Cons – No 4K Ultra HD support Overview The Amazon Fire TV Cube is a powerful media player that stands out from other Android sticks for one unique feature: it has an integrated digital voice assistant! Using its small microphone, you can control all of your household devices by just saying simple commands such as “Alexa, turn on the lights” or “Alexa.

Final thoughts on choosing your next best-Kodi box purchase

There are now many Android TV boxes available for Kodi users, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding one that fits your needs:

1. Do you want a 4K box? If so, buy the Nvidia Shield Pro X1 or Amazon Fire TV 4K

2. Are you not interested in playing games on your media player? Then the Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote should be enough to fulfill your streaming needs. However if you love video games and don’t mind running them at 1080p resolution , the Xiaomi Mi Box is what we recommend (but make sure to use an external game controller).

3. Are you looking for something budget-friendly ? The Android Mini PC RK3399 Cherry Trail Plus offers decent performance at a low price, but you should also consider the Torque Android Mini PC (which is half the price of the former).

4. What kind of streaming services do you want to use? If you want to stream content from Amazon Prime Video or Hulu , then make sure your device supports them before buying. A good example would be the Amazon Fire TV 4K which comes with built-in support for these services.

5. Do you need a remote control? Most boxes come with either an infrared remote control or a voice remote. This makes it easier for users to navigate Kodi without needing a mouse and keyboard . However, if you prefer using just a smartphone/tablet as your main source of controls, then any Android stick will be enough

Where to buy the top rated and cheapest kodi boxes online

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