best 5.25 speakers

best 5.25 speakers
best 5.25 speakers in their price range. So go ahead, give them a listen.

I just ordered these and they arrived today after some serious delay due to USPS being a no-show on multiple occasions. These speakers sound great, but there are two negative points:
First, I had to cut out a hole in the speaker cable and crimps the speaker wire to the speaker terminals (this is not shown in picture, but all speaker wires are pre-terminated and can be crimped to a terminal without having to do this on the spot as described in product instructions) Second, my installation is in an awkward spot with very limited space behind the amp cabinet, and they don’t fit the bottom of that cabinet due to having the speaker terminals facing the top. They would not have fit perfectly into the speaker cable, but the crimps are right where the speaker wire will connect on the cables and I didn’t want to waste money on separate speaker terminal extensions, so I didn’t have a choice. It is really a tight fit, but I am sure there is enough room if I had the cables extended.
All in all, a nice product, not ideal if you are not in control of the installation. I am impressed!

I’m going to be making some room in my home for them and this should be exactly what I was looking for. I have no hesitation in recommending these speakers to anybody.

I ordered all 3 of their different models because I wanted a different sound for various situations. The 4ohm and 8ohm models I’m using now. I needed a more bass rich sound I was hearing on the 4ohm model. Since I haven’t had enough time to adjust them to my preference, I was surprised by the mids being quite bright and airy and the highs being crisp. Now I’m starting to enjoy them and they have just the right sound for various situations.

They are on carpet which helps their sound quality and can stand alone, being wireless in that they don’t require a subwoofer. Great speakers for small rooms.

I own several large floor monitors and these do a better job of sound quality, detail and clarity, but it’s still a distant second to high powered, subwoofers, my experience. But these are just as good as many floor speakers so I have no complaints.

The reviews are accurate and I am quite happy with them so far. They are a little loud in places, but not at loud loud. They are small speakers by all standards and I’m finding the right locations for them.

I ordered 4 of these and two of their 8ohm speakers because they had them in stock. These aren’t huge but they fill up a very small space. They sound fantastic. I’ve played them with a small stereo amp and they sound as good and bright as any home theater speakers.

I’ve got one pair of my own in a small space and I use them mainly for music. These are very good. I used some of their products before on a sub I own which was way too loud. These speakers sound way too good to use above 25watts and way better than the sub.

The sound quality of these speakers is excellent. I purchased these because it was on sale. My old pair of speakers was just a little worse than these. I am not using my old speakers which were my budget speaker, but now I wish I spent a little more money on these (which are cheaper than a sub).

I am very happy with the sound quality and the build quality. They look pretty good too.

They are well built and sturdy and I had the speaker shipped directly to my home. They are easy to assemble.

I just ordered two more of these because they sounded better than my old speakers in my old system. It’s the sound I was looking for.
The sound is excellent. I can’t find another pair of 5.25 speakers that sounds this good.

I really like the speakers so I ordered them for someone else. If they are any less than as described, I would not recommend them.

I will not say there are cheap speakers, but these are a nice little package. For the money I expect these to be made with quality materials for a long life. I’m satisfied that’s what I got for the money. This was a sale item.

I did a lot of research on what these would cost and even the best speaker at a store can only do what it’s built to do for a cheap price. People expect $1000 speakers to sound like $500 speakers and so on. I wanted a very good mid range speaker that could compete with the big guys in price but would still be at an affordable price when compared to the high-quality high-performance speakers. They are small portable speakers, so you’ve got a lot of freedom on where you can position them.

I’d buy them again if I wanted a small, portable speaker so

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